Meranti Central Branch, 2020

Our Philosophy;

Meranti, At Beauties Hieghts

Meranti is a manufacturer and designer of office furniture and partition products. Meranti has been operating since 2007 after gaining years of experience in the field of interior architecture. Our history of successful cooperation with reputable and international brands over the past years, has led us to put quality and global standards in the design, implementation and equipment of office projects. From this point of view, with the aim of manufacturing quality products, we emphasized on the special and unique design of the products, and we started this path by making use of the experiences and cooperation of the Iranian architects and designers. Meranti products true value is obvious in our precise implemention of enormous projects and our accurate deatils designing. By using the latest industrial systems and implementing the most advanced technologies and registering exclusive profiles in the manufacturing of office furniture, Meranti seeks to achieve new goals and plans for extensive manufacturing and commercial activities in the future. We will always try to take a step further in this direction by using advanced techniques, relying on specialist expertise and adopting a creative approach.



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