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Download Meranti's technical and visual product catalogues in one file or separated by categories.

کاتالوگ کلیه‌ی محصولات مرانتــی

Meranti's General Catalogue

Technical specifications and images of all products

Suitable for share and digital view

PDF formatted, 7MB

Categorized Catalogues

Management Desks

Consists of seven products

پارتیشن EM300

Office Desk

Consists of eight products

میــزهای اداری

Confrence Tables

Consists of four products

میــزهای جلسات

Reception Desks

Consists of three products

میــزهای پذیــرش

Teamwork Tables

Consists of six products

میــزهای کار گروهی

Credenza & Filing

In variety of usage and sizes

کردنـزا و فایلینگ


Double pane, Single pane, Frameless