Office Desk ED400

Office desk with 2 connected sets including a Pedestal desk with the ability to pass the cable and a 60 cm wide file of 3 drawers with a central lock- reception container in facade with middle floor, possibility to desk inscriptions order
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Move and Drag the 3D model for better prespective.

Meranti office desks are designed and manufactured based on ergonomic principles and structure, in such a way that it provides the necessary strength and dynamism for smart work. These desks offer all the necessary features such as minimal design, strength and elegance at the same time.

  • ED400-140 : W 140 x D 75 x H 76
  • ED400-160 : W 160 x D 75 x H 76
  • ED400-180 : W 180 x D 75 x H 76
  • ED400-200 : W 200 x D 75 x H 76


  • Pedestal : W 60 x D 75 x H 60

Designing custom profiles with simple, minimal and practical design is one of the unique features of Meranti products. The use of the best materials available in the market with up-to-date European machinery and the use of well-experienced and specialized personnel, easy installation and implementation, and fully modular prefabricated parts are important features of Meranti products. All of the above features, including design, creativity and quality, have been the result of the efforts of a team of designers and professional engineers and the manufacturing team of Meranti.

Materials of Aluminum Profiles: Aluminum from raw materials with billet 6063 and produced through extrusion process, 15 micron anodized coating and velvet super matte technology with double Italian shot blasting MDF Materials: Patterned laminate flooring with wood-look or plain texture with the thickness of 16 mm
Edge Banding Materials: PVC with the thickness of 2 mm
Glass Materials: Security float glass with diamond edges with a thickness of 10 mm, may be ordered with sandblasted and Satina finishes and the possibility of choosing the color on the underside of the glass
Locking System: Three-drawer central lock with nickel plating and switch key with antibacterial plastic cover
Handles: Made of stainless steel with scratched steel texture plating
Rail System: File drawer rails with automatic closing function with subtle soft close and high load bearing capacity
Hinges: Soft close type with automatic closing function
Bases: Made of compressed plastic and adjustable up to 20 mm
Wheels: Made of compressed plastic with steel connection plate

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