Rayan Andish Avat Company

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Rayan Andish Avat Company has been operating in the field of sale and after ales services of computerized products since 2010. Avat is one of the biggest distributors of Lenovo, Asus and HP notebooks, tablets, and mobiles in the country as well as official provider of after sale services for these products.
The order of designing, manufacture of partition and office furniture was executed in August 2020.
Interior design of this company and its design concept in some spaces are separated and equipped in thoroughly closed manner (full MDF Lots) and in customer receiving sections are separated and equipped given the capacity of personnel and with kiosk partitions. In addition to partition, this complex has been designed and executed with Meranti Office products and furniture in a flat area measuring 131 meter square in two floors.


Rayan Andish Avat Company

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