Tabligh Gostar Sima Ara Engineering Company

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Tabligh Gostar Sima Ara Engineering Company has been active since 1996 in Vanak, District 3 of Greater Tehran in the field of advertisement and media. The company is pioneer in outdoor advertisement, design, and manufacture of advertisement structure and urban furniture.
The order of design, manufacture of partition and office furniture for this complex has been executed in September 2020.
Interior design of this complex and its design concept is in the form of open office and the existing office spaces have been conducted with Meranti proprietary single-wall partitions, Mernti office furniture and product in a flat space in an area of 120m2.

Meranti’s manufacturer and designers group as a branch of Adli interior design group, present and implement this project. For more information and submiting a request for assistance please contact 021-41176.


Tabligh Gostar Sima Ara Engineering Company

Project Infrastructure Area:


Project Implementation Year: